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Tacoma, WA Domestic Violence Attorney

The crime of Domestic Violence involves persons with household or family ties, which could mean former or current spouses or partners, family members, cohabiting family members, roommates or persons in a current or former romantic relationship.
In Tacoma, WA, domestic violence may refer to a criminal act committed against one household or family member against another, which may include:

Allegations are often based on an individual’s personal account of an incident, which means that there is little physical evidence to support a domestic violence charge. More often than not, the charges are fabricated or exaggerated in the heat of the moment. To refute such charges, it is often necessary to call into question the accuracy of an accuser’s statement. Having the expertise of an experienced Tacoma, WA Domestic Violence attorney makes all the difference. Horwath Criminal Defense Lawyers have successfully represented countless clients charged with domestic violence offenses.

Our Domestic Violence Attorneys in Tacoma Provide Comprehensive Help

Working with a highly experienced Tacoma, WA domestic violence attorney can help you avoid:

Our domestic violence attorneys have combined decades of experience defending clients in Tacoma, WA against domestic violence. The police, prosecutors, and courts often become overzealous in prosecuting alleged perpetrators of domestic violence. Attorneys at Horwath Law work passionately on your defense in order to minimize unwarranted consequences. Through thorough investigation, experienced defense attorneys at Horwath Law will work diligently to have your charges dismissed or reduced.

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