If you have been arrested or charged with a crime of Domestic Violence in Pierce County or King County the consequences can be very serious. Even misdemeanor DV charges can result in jail of up to 364 days and fines of up to $5000.


Simple assault is a misdemeanor crime that carries a maximum sentence of 364 days in jail and a 5000 fine. Many times the reporting party has suffered any injuries or very minor injuries.


Felony assaults often involve allegations of lasting injuries or strangulation. A felony assault conviction has the potential for a lengthy prison sentence, depending on the charge.


Violation of a no contact order can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances.


Experienced Tacoma Domestic Violence Lawyers Representing You

The crime of Domestic Violence involves persons with household or family ties, which could mean former or current spouses or partners, family members, cohabiting family members, roommates or persons in a current or former romantic relationship.

In Tacoma, WA, domestic violence may refer to a criminal act committed against one household or family member against another, which may include:

  • Assault in the First Degree
  • Assault in the Second Degree
  • Assault in the Third Degree
  • Assault in the Fourth Degree
  • Violation of a Protection Order
  • Violation of a No Contact Order
  • Malicious Mischief or Destruction of Property
  • Harassment
  • Interfering with a 911 call
  • Reckless endangerment
  • Stalking including Cyberstalking
  • Criminal trespass

Allegations are often based on an individual’s personal account of an incident, which means that there is little physical evidence to support a domestic violence charge. More often than not, the charges are fabricated or exaggerated in the heat of the moment. To refute such charges, it is often necessary to call into question the accuracy of an accuser’s statement. Having the expertise of an experienced Tacoma domestic violence attorney makes all the difference. Horwath domestic violence lawyers have successfully represented countless clients charged with domestic violence offenses.


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Angela Horwath is the owner and lead attorney of Horwath Law. Her career has been dedicated entirely to criminal defense and she has been lead counsel on thousands of criminal cases. Mrs. Horwath maintains excellent relationships with her clients and that is why the majority of Horwath Law’s clients are referrals from previous clients.

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Kelsey Ault is a lifetime resident of the Pacific Northwest and received her law degree at Seattle University. She earned her B.A. at Chapman University, graduating with a major in Sociology with a focus on Criminal Justice. Kelsey believes that there are two sides to every story and works diligently to ensure that each client is given a voice.

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Alison Ganem is a compassionate advocate for those accused of a crime. While she works aggressively to represent her clients, she also respects that each of her clients is different, each with different circumstances and stories. She understands the stress and fear the uncertainty of the criminal process can bring to a client and their loved ones…

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Seattle Domestic Violence Lawyer

Our Domestic Violence Attorneys in Tacoma Provide Comprehensive Help

Working with a highly experienced Tacoma domestic violence lawyer can help you avoid:

  • Jail time
  • Restraining or protective orders
  • Limited access to your children
  • Loss of rights to carry firearms
  • Inability to return to your home
  • Difficulties in finding employment
  • Difficulties renting or keeping an apartment
  • Mandatory enrollment in treatment programs
  • Possible deportation

Our domestic violence attorneys have combined decades of experience defending clients in Tacoma, WA against domestic violence. The police, prosecutors, and courts often become overzealous in prosecuting alleged perpetrators of domestic violence. Attorneys at Horwath Law work passionately on your defense in order to minimize unwarranted consequences. Through thorough investigation, experienced defense attorneys at Horwath Law will work diligently to have your charges dismissed or reduced.

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